• Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

iSirona Solutions

iSirona, a provider of simplified solutions for medical device integration, today announced it will receive a $350,000 grant from Florida’s Industry Recruitment, Retention & Expansion Fund (IRREF). The award follows a recent $180,000 Qualified Tax Incentive that iSirona received from the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). Both programs are designed to encourage the creation of jobs in Bay County, Fla. and the surrounding area.

Under the IRREF grant program, which targets businesses considering locating or expanding in certain counties in northwest Florida — particularly those that suffered economic losses from the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — iSirona committed to generating new jobs and has already hired five out of five additional software developer positions since receiving confirmation of the grant on May 21st.

Separately, the DEO approved a $180,000 tax refund over the next three years to encourage the creation of 45 software design jobs with an average salary of $49,155.

“We look forward to providing job and economic opportunities to Floridians,” said Dave Dyell, iSirona’s CEO. “We are experiencing tremendous demand from hospitals wanting to integrate medical devices with their electronic health records systems to improve quality of care, patient safety, clinician workflow and efficiency. The funds generated by these two innovative programs will help lay the foundation for continued company growth and more local jobs — a true win/win for iSirona and our community.”

iSirona has grown from 35 to almost 100 employees over the last 12 months. The company has been growing steadily since its inception in 2008 in Panama City, Fla., serving more than 120 hospitals across the U.S.

About iSirona
Panama City, Fla.-based iSirona helps clinicians make more informed decisions about patients by providing an easy to use approach to medical device integration. Using iSirona’s software solution, hospitals can connect virtually any medical device to their CIS, providing clinicians with faster access to more accurate patient information and freeing nurses from the burden of hand-entering patient data. In 2011, iSirona was ranked #1 by KLAS for medical device integration systems.

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