• Tuesday, September 06th, 2011

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Morgue File, Jason Howell, Jade and RRY Photo Manipulation

Orthopedic surgeon Arun Mullaji of Breach Candy Hospital and Lilavathi Hospital, Mumbai, performed the first iPod Touch assisted knee replacement surgery in Asia. The patient, a 75-year-old man, was able to walk the same day that the surgery was conducted.

Smith & Nephew developed the system, called Dash Technology, to assist surgeons to perform transplants with more accuracy and in less time. The Dash Smart Instrument System establishes a wireless connection between an iPod touch and a camera that emits infrared beams. The iPod Touch is, in turn, connected to small instruments that are positioned by the surgeon by reading the data in the iPod’s high resolution screen for precisely cutting the bone and placing a new joint. All the instructions are loaded on the iPod itself for the surgeons to follow.

“Proper alignment, balance and exact placement of the components are important in replacement surgeries”, said Mullaji. He anticipates a 600% increase in the number of revision surgeries in Asia due to poor alignment and instability. The Dash Technology, Dr. Mullaji expects, will increase the success rate of the primary surgery.

The DASH technology has received the CE mark from the European medical authorizing body. Smith & Nephew anticipates that the technology will soon be available in 35 hospitals around the world.

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